The expectations of laif

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  • ISBN/13: 9788416068937

    Autora: Elena H. Ghazale

    Número de páginas: 214

    Tamaño: 150X210

    Editorial: Punto Rojo

  • Is it who we are born to be or what we learn along the way that defines us as the people we become? Or is it simply what we are taught and by who that inspires us to greatness?Laif is an ordinary young girl with an extraordinary future. Raised alone by her immigrant father who risked everything he believed in to find a better life, she learns to deal with loss, life, love and every valuable emotion in between.Set within the hypnotically beautiful archipelago of the Canary Islands, The Expectations of Laif is an insightful journey into the untainted world of a beautiful young woman with an incredible determination to believe.